Our concept

’What if we would be able to buy a handbag that can switch colors to match every occasion?’

The concept of Front row is very simple: change the color of your handbag in just seconds and use your handbag for any outfit and occasion.

  • Change the color of your handbag by replacing the current inner pocket for another inner pocket

  • Use the spare inner pockets as a toiletry bag

  • Be original :-)

“Because every outfit deserves to be perfect”


Our story

The story of Front row starts somewhere in 2017. The label was founded by 2 students who combined their studies with launching the brand. From the start, it was a real succes. Their first collection was sold out within 2 months and after one year, more than 1500 ladies became proud owner of a Front row bag.

As a student with of course, an incredibly small student budget, they noticed how difficult it was to find friendly-priced handbags that on top, could fit multiple occasions and outfits. It inspired them to look for ways to improve functionality of the handbags without compromising the looks of the bags.

After their studies, one of them decided to continue with Front row and to take their mission of bringing more functionality to handbags to the next level.

To be continued…